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Peerflix sounded really intriguing. It’s a service that hooks up people who want to trade DVDs. You tell them all the DVDs you want to trade, and every now and then someone says “Hey, I want that DVD,” and Peerflix says “Hey, send that DVD to her!” You do so, which earns you Peerbucks, which you can then redeem to get DVDs from other people.

It turns out that it’s really emulating Netflix rather than EBay, though. When you send someone a DVD, you just send them the DVD — no case or anything. The idea is more that you’re lending them your DVD (you can even automatically request the DVD back when they’re done) rather than trading. Which does not so much gratify me, since I don’t want empty DVD boxes littering up my apartment. Time to drag ‘em all down to CD Spins.

Still, could be cool for others, so consider this a pointer.


  1. In case your interested, I’ve posted a review of Peerflix on my weblog. It details my experience so far, having been a member for two weeks.

  2. Huh, interesting. My only note is that you don’t have to use the Peerflix envelopes, so while it’s irksome that they aren’t sending more promptly, it’s not a fatal flaw.

  3. Does Peerflix cost money? I mean, innovative concept – people will pay us to borrow OTHER people’s stuff!

  4. Yeah — it’s like a buck a trade.

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