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Movies in Beantown

The Independent Film Festival 2005 is coming: April 21st through April 24th. Tight schedule. Just about all the narrative movies look good, and I hear great things about the documentary Murderball. I’m also intrigued by The Fall of Fujimori.

OK, let’s rough out a schedule, here…


5:15 PM, Somerville: Abel Raises Cain (work permitting)
8 PM, Somerville: Blackballed (Rob Corddry stars)
10:30, Brattle: The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things


2 PM, Coolidge: Spew: The World of Competitive Debate
4:30 PM, Coolidge: The Fall of Fujimori
7 PM, Brattle: Murderball
10:30 PM, Somerville: White Skin


Noon, Brattle: The Girl From Monday
2:30 PM, Brattle: Stolen (documentary about the Isabella Stewart Gardener theft)
7 PM, Somerville: Childstar

10 movies? Aggressive but not unreasonable if I really devote to it.


  1. The Brattle’s still in business? Hooray! I haven’t been to Harvard Square in over 10 years. I’ve heard it’s been totally malled over, with many of my old favorite places not even memories. The Wursthaus, Wordsworth’s, The Idler…

    But the Brattle’s still there. It’s the same Brattle, isn’t it? On Brattle Street? It didn’t move to Porter or Davis Square like everything else, did it?

  2. The Brattle completely lives, and it’s still in the same place, and it still rocks. It’s a comfort, it is.

    Harvard Square is different, yet the same. Wordsworth did indeed close. On the other hand, Abercrombie and Fitch couldn’t make a go of it and the huge HMV shut down, while Newbury and Tower keep on keeping on. Revolution Books is still there. It ebbs and flows.

    Weird to see the Square without a good general independent bookstore, though.

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