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Whoa, linkage

Hallo, Eschaton readers! Thanks for dropping by, hope you find the carpets to your liking, and so on. I’m writing more about culture and film these days than I used to, because I’m fairly burned out on politics, but you’ll still find the occasional political post if you happen to stick around. Also: hope you like Asian cinema.

Hm. Back then, I was not so subtly making the point that Eric Rudolph was a terrorist and wondering why Fox News would forgive those who supported him. The point still holds. I’m pretty gratified to see CNN calling it like it is today:

Rudolph was a follower of the white supremacist Christian Identity movement, but investigators have never ascribed a motive for the attacks.

Deborah Rudolph, the suspect’s former sister-in-law, said she believes he was driven by an animus toward the government and minorities.

Fox News is at least running the accurate AP story. I’m pleased to see coverage of this on the front page of the major news web sites. Rudolph will be making a statement about his motivations at some point; I think that’s going to be the thing that really needs coverage, because it’s a window into the minds of our own domestic terrorists.


  1. garth garth

    the quote from CNN, though they don’t sympathize as openly with racists and terrorists, is still telling. How many average news readers will even know what “animus” means? They know what “hatred” means.

    Liberal media?

  2. The media is sensationalist. Ascribing either liberal or conservative motivations to them misses the mark, IMHO.

    I do note that CNN carefully doesn’t call Rudolph a terrorist, which irks me, but c’est la vie…

    “Animus” seems to have come from the sister-in-law, btw, rather than CNN.

  3. Mr. big time.

    Have you looked at the google ads being served up on the Fox News site running with the AP story? I took a screenshot since the ads were different when I reloaded the story, and seem to mostly be cycling through PSA announcements.

    I wonder if stories about the recently unsealed terrorism indictments would trigger ads for people selling Islamist literature.

  4. Aw, man. That’s irony. Note to self: if I ever make an automatic ad system, include an override button for the use of the page owner.

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