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This one’s for Jeff.

By last count, I had 528 DVDs — this includes TV shows and some wrestling, though. So maybe around 475 if you only count movies. A relatively small number of those are in a sell stack.

The last film I bought was The Life Aquatic, in the Criterion 2 disc edition. It looks like another great Criterion production.

The last film I watched was Serenity; it’s been an off-month for me.

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me… let’s see. Brazil, which is the movie that taught me that there was life beyond the summer blockbuster; Days of Being Wild, which was my first Wong Kai Wai movie; Magnolia, which makes me cry; Ronin, the most underrated Hollywood action movie of the last 20 years; and Crash, which is probably my favorite Cronenberg movie.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but pick this up if you’d like.

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  1. starmonkey starmonkey

    Dangit stop dropping the name ‘Serenity’! 🙂

    Ronin is definately a 4.5 * film; the atmosphere, the colours used, the fantastic vehicle chases and the rapport that sam and vincent share during the film is great. Oh and the music is excellent too. I love it when the director’s commentary is good and you like the director. He points out all kinds of interesting stuff.

    I must have watched this DVD a dozen times or so, I love it.

    Other films I think are watchable over the dozens level:
    – 13th Warrior
    – The Magnificent Seven
    – Spirited Away
    – Iron Monkey (if you like your kung fu)
    – Conan the Barbarian (best intro ever)

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