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Great silver north

Take one on a possible Fantasia schedule. Times are rough and not completely accurate. The 5:20 Sunday slot is probably a rest slot, since my tolerance for goofy doesn’t necessarily extend to bad Turkish movies… although damn. Tempting. Note that I’m also assuming a Thursday arrival, since I’m thinking about that, but the two Thursday movies aren’t essential.


7:30 El Lobo
9:30 Ghost House


5:00 All Babes Want To Kill Me
7:30 Spider Forest
9:45 Some
11:45 Three… Extremes


12:30 Ghost Talker’s Daydream
2:45 Ultraman: The Next
5:15 Spin Kick
7:20 Night of the Living Dorks
9:20 Survive Style 5+
11:40 Shadow: Dead Riot


12:00 White Dragon
3:00 Heroes of the East
5:20 G.O.R.A.
8:00 One Nite in Mongkok

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