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The answer to the question “how does filmed entertainment reach the eyes of the viewer” continues to change, as per this article on direct to video movies. This isn’t anything new, of course; Disney has been doing this for years and years. Just ask any parent. Still and all, it’s significant that the direct to video market in the US is gaining… aha. Legitimacy is the word. Direct to video Disney releases is one thing; a direct to video sequel to Carlito’s Way is more interesting.

Huh, that movie had a great cast, didn’t it? Sean Penn, Al Pacino, John Leguizamo, Luis Guzman, and Viggo Mortensen. There’s some acting chops for you. Anyhow.

The sales figures quoted at the beginning of the article are probably misleading. Sure, only 35% of DVD revenue may come from new feature films, but the implication that the other 65% is direct to video stuff is wrong. Warner Brothers clearly finds their line of classic movies profitable, and DVD releases of TV series are huge. (Which is in itself a signal about how entertainment habits are changing.)

Bubble comes out soon. I’ll be really curious about the sales figures.

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