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Suck news of the day: the Brattle Theater is in trouble. Compared to Katrina? This is a pretty trivial deal. But it’s still significant enough for me to care.

The Brattle has film programming as good as anything I’ve seen anywhere, including the Castro Theater out in San Francisco. Ned Hinkle, who does the programming, has an exhaustive knowledge of film and he has the contacts and know-how necessary to program festivals ranging from a complete Wong Kar Wai retrospective to a classic film noir series. They also run the Boston Fantastic Film Festival, which is small potatoes compared to Fantasia or Sitges, but which does not in the least suck to have around.

Long story short: they’re a treasure, and if you care about film in Boston — which you may not, it’s just my obsession — it’s worth donating.


  1. I’m going to Sitges Festival next wednesdey for once 😉

  2. I’m quite envious. Born to Fight, The Great Yokai War, and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance — nice list!

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