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Ripping good time

Is there anything you would like to tell us about the Academy Award nominations this year?

“It’s not the first time a Cronenberg movie has gotten a nomination.”

Really? Wait — Spider didn’t get nominated. Was it M. Butterfly?

“No. Movies about gender issues are in the spotlight this year; M. Butterfly was 1993.”

That’s kind of unfair. Hillary Swank’s Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry was in 1999.

“OK, yeah, I’m just being catty. Anyhow, it wasn’t any of those Cronenberg flicks. Nor was it Naked Lunch.”

It wasn’t Crash. I don’t even have to check to be sure of that.

“Nope. Want a hint?”


“Not only was a Cronenberg movie nominated for an Oscar, but it won.”


“Yep. The Fly won for Best Makeup.”

… well, that’s not very prestigious.

“Maybe if he’d accepted the director’s chair on Return of the Jedi, he’d be better off.”

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