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List Number One

Lost Badass List: 5/11/2006

  1. Mr. Eko
  2. Sayid
  3. Locke
  4. Sawyer
  5. Jun

Commentary and spoilers after the jump.

Mr. Eko takes first place after he knocks out Locke in this week’s episode. Ana Lucia, sadly, is no longer eligible for a place on the list. Sawyer knocks Kate off the list for the moment, due to his gun-related demonstration of intellectual superiority. Jun is still the dark horse; he has demonstrated great badass potential in his previous life, but remains fairly quiescent on the island. Still, you can’t discount him and he’ll remain in the fifth spot until his badassery is tested.

Not on the top five: Kate, because Sawyer is smarter than her; Jack, because he’s a whiny little jerk. Rousseau remains a strong candidate for the list in any week during which she actually appears. Michael will be worth watching in weeks to come. As always, Others are not eligible.


  1. Jess Nevins Jess Nevins

    At last, *someone* agrees with me that Jack is a jerk.

    I think, if/when Hurley snaps, he’ll take at least two of the bad-asses with him.

  2. Jason Jason

    Jack is a jerk, and is revealing major flaws as a leader. On the other hand, it’s not like anyone else is showing signs of being better for the job, either. I did like that they stopped him from going after Henry by pointing out he is the doctor. Nice way to avoid the old Star Trek ‘captain takes all the risks’ bit.

    And Mr. Ecko is seriously bad ass…

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