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S. and W. are here, which means it’s time to kick off my film club down at the Coolidge. I’m gonna try and run about once a month; it needs to be a weekday night, because it’s hard to get the screening room on weekends. Optimal nights for me are Wednesday and Thursday; if you have a preference, express it now.

So the question arises: what’s a good kickoff movie? Imma break it down into some categories, and y’all tell me where your yearnings lead you. Or suggest something else.

A non-exhaustive list of things I might do: Hong Kong action, 80s or 90s, maybe John Woo, maybe Johnny To. Classic drama: Noir? Gangsters? Asian art house — Wong Kar Wai, or something from Korea, or Thailand. J-horror. Yakuza flicks — either Takashi Miike’s transgressive stuff, or maybe something from Kinji Fukasaku’s portfolio. I have a slew of old comedies and I’ll be tempted to throw a Buster Keaton short in no matter what.


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