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Fantasia 2006: Hell

I gotta stop seeing Thai movies unless they get really good reviews. Hell was kinda Saving Private Tootsie in, well, Hell. Lots of wandering around, no dramatic tension, and I didn’t really care if any of the characters made it back to the mortal world. Also I knew they would, because the big demon boss said “Let them out once they learn their lesson,” except he couched it in terms of karmic debt.

So after about an hour I gave up and went off and had sushi with S. instead. That was better.

I’ll give the movie points for a decent grotesque Grand Guignol vision of Hell. It was icky and looked completely unpleasant without being CGI’d out all over the place. The ghost demon children were particularly nice. But yeah, unpleasant people in an unpleasant situation does not make for a quality movie going experience.

Grade: Incomplete, but heading for a D.

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