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Fantasia 2006: Subject Two

It’s a bad sign when the promotional material for a movie spends a lot of time talking about how it was shot under adverse conditions. Say, the whole movie was filmed in 8 days several miles from “civilization” in a cabin with no electricity in the middle of the winter. Me, I’m hard-pressed to say you’ve left civilization if you’re close enough to get back via snowmobile in less than an hour, but that’s me. Either way, the shoot shouldn’t be the most important thing about a movie.

The promotional material for Subject Two also talks a lot about how it’s a new take on the Frankenstein legend, and that’s true enough. It’s the strength of the film. Mad scientists, nanotechnology, and hints of darker stuff are pretty effective. The concepts are great, and the setting is pretty good too.

However, the acting is wooden and the script doesn’t inject the concepts with life. Further, the movie squanders its sense of isolation a little more than halfway through when a visitor shows up. There’s a nasty little twist at the very end, but that’s the only place where the movie shows any sense of humor. It’s a regrettable waste of a pretty decent idea.

Grade: C-.

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