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It’s time for the Lost Badass List to reappear. We last examined the question of the island’s badassery after the seaon finale. This list categorizes badasses over time, but is heavily weighted towards the current storyarc. This year, since the Others are regulars and since I cannot deny the force of nature that is Benry (credit for neologism to S.), Others are eligible for the list.

Without further ado!

1. Benry (aka Ben Linus, aka Henry Gale)
2. Sayid
3. Jin
4. Sawyer
5. Juliette

Comments and spoilers after the jump.

You can’t argue with Benry. He is in complete control. Sawyer has some clever bits at the end with the maniuplation and the fact-finding, but Benry’s watching the whole thing. He owns the island, and he has a fanatical group of followers. Benry is the man.

Sayyid is shaping up as Benry’s real opposition. (Jack is a wimp.) And my, but Sayyid is some mad. I think he’s going to be avenging his lover’s death for quite some time now. The whole bit about killing all but two of them, so he can torture them in front of each other? Yeah, that’s cold. Jin has absolutely no issues at all with being Sayyid’s cohort, so he moves up to number three this week. Bonus points for keeping his knowledge of English a secret. However, Sayid is a killer and Jin isn’t, so Sayid stays ahead of Jin.

Sawyer gets number four because he was working the Others like a working thing. Juliette, similarly, gets number five because she’s working Jack in about the same menner. Sawyer’s testimony as to Juliette’s badassery weighs in her favor. Sawyer beats Juliette because he pulled off a con under her nose.

Not on the top five: Jack, because he’s a whiny little jerk. I’m gonna say that every week. I like saying it. Mr. Eko is off the list because we haven’t seen him yet this season. But man, if Mr. Eko and Jin and Sayid ever get on the same wavelength, it’ll be cool. Sun would probably be #6 if I made the list longer — we’ll see how she develops over the course of the season. Kate was very passive this week, although she’s always a top five threat.

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