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So as was fairly noticeable, we had a hard drive crash here at Innocence Central a couple of weeks ago. Recovery is in progress, nothing was lost, etc. So not very traumatic. On the other hand, it did get me thinking about what I wanted to do with my blog, my LiveJournal, and so forth.

After a bunch of said thinking, I decided to shut down this blog. It’s been around for five years or so, which is probably about enough time. Somewhere back there I got distracted from writing about culture and into politics, which was fun for a few years, but yeah. I’ve lost my zest for that.

For the time being, personal stuff will wind up on my LiveJournal. Chances are very good there’ll be a new blog at a later date, which will feed into my LJ. My LJ will, under the current plan, wind up having posts that the blog doesn’t have. I could draw a Venn diagram but it’s not that hard.

So, good night, Popone! Comments are closed; the archives will stick around for the foreseeable future.

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