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Inside the Egg: Background & Setup

This is not actual game text, which would want to be substantially more evocative.

Inside the Egg is set in a dystopian future, in the style of V for Vendetta, Matrix, or when you get right down to it we’re all stealing from Brave New World. (Not the superhero game.) The central paradigm of the government is the Egg; at an unspecified time in the past, something awful happened, and only the pure security of the World Egg can keep us safe.

There are no corners in the Egg. There’s no place to hide evil things. It’s pure in color, so you can’t avoid scrutiny from your fellow man. It is the perfect, safe shape. Architecture emulates the Egg. Everything does.

There’s a drug that keeps everyone happy by the simple expedient of grinding away their memories. This, in fact, is why PCs begin with nothing written down on their character sheet. While the player may know what they want their PC to be like, the characters themselves are tabula rasas.

The progress of a campaign is the progress of the characters towards self-realization. As time goes by, they learn more and more about themselves by virtue of rebellion against the Egg. By definition and mechanics, the arc of a character is complete at the moment that they themselves have realized completely one of their three aspects (Mind, Body, and Soul, as per the character sheet.)

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