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Punch In The Face Index: S2E1

This is the first PITF Index for Season 2 of Heroes, the superhero TV show where people like to punch each other in the face. Really. Go back and watch the first season; there’s an awful lot of face-punching going on.

Therefore, it makes sense to do a weekly recap of who deserves to get punched in the face the most. At least, in our world it does.

Face-punch count: 3, or 2 if you don’t count the face slap. Susan does not.

PITF Index after the cut.

But first a quick recap of the rules. Being evil does not mean you need to be punched in the face. Being punched in the face is a direct result of being snarky, useless, whiny, smarmy, petulant, emo, or Mohinder. People not appearing in the episode are not eligible for being punched in the face, except in extreme circumstances like we run out of people to punch. Dead people are immune, probably, unless they appear in flashback or something. Previous performance does influence current placement.

This week, our list looks like this.

1. Angela Petrelli, for giving her useless alcoholic son grief.
2. The Alchemist, for being hugely smarmy and a Company drone.
3. New kid at Claire’s school, for being fairly smarmy and having a bogus line of flirt, not to mention the whole voyeur thing, you little creep.
4. Takezo Kensei, for punching Hiro in the face. Vengance is terrible and swift, at least in our imaginations.
5. Manager dude. Duh.

Mohinder gets an honorary mention for being Mohinder; he was on the list this time until the very last moment. Lucky break, whiny scientist.

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