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Punch In The Face Index: S2E8

This is the eight PITF Index for Season 2 of Heroes, the superhero TV show where punching people in the face is not always successful.

Face-punch count: 1, plus an attempted face-punch. Can’t punch what you literally can’t hit.

PITF Index after the cut.

But first a quick recap of the rules. Being evil does not mean you need to be punched in the face. Being punched in the face is a direct result of being snarky, useless, whiny, smarmy, petulant, emo, or Mohinder. People not appearing in the episode are not eligible for being punched in the face, except in extreme circumstances like we run out of people to punch. Dead people are immune, probably, unless they appear in flashback or something. Previous performance does influence current placement.

This week, our list looks like this.

1. Elle, who may be a product of her circumstances but that’s kind of a convenient excuse and she’s creepy.
2. Bob, for being pretty damned manipulative for four months straight. Come on, tell Niki she’s gonna die, and maybe don’t let the virus out into the wild, OK?
3. Angela, for placing the secret of superpowers above Nathan and Heidi’s marriage.
4. Oh god enough with the siblings already. They didn’t even do anything horrible — accidental destruction of a village, turning in your dangerous sister, both fairly understandable all things considered. It’s not like there’s a manual on how to handle the sudden manifestation of incredibly dangerous superpowers. So we won’t punch them for that: we’ll punch them for being BORING. (Also, because Maya mooned at Sylar in the last shot or so.)
5. Niki, for failing to take the proper care of herself. A hard decision, but when you have a super-strong psychotic personality you need to sometimes make the hard decisions, and if she’d either gone into the program or taken the pills D.L. wouldn’t be dead.

There has been some discussion on the siblings, but I hate them so much. Full of hate. Niki is also a marginal case and we’re sorry there’s not anyone who deserves punching more. Susan says “That’s because this episode didn’t have Mohinder.” It’s true. We’re lost without our MVPunch.

It is as yet unclear whether or not Adam/Kensei (does he have a cutesy fan name yet?) is eeeeeeevil and manipulative. He’s had a long time to learn his lesson! Maybe he’s a good guy. We also wonder when Peter’s going to realize that he’s gonna live to be 400, and how someone’s going to break similar news to Claire.

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