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How To Make a Thomas Kincade Movie

Peter O’Toole? What has become of you?

Thomas Kincade is the paints with light guy. And love. He paints with love.

16) Most important concept of all — THE CONCEPT OF LOVE. Perhaps we could make large posters that simply say “Love this movie” and post them about. I pour a lot of love into each painting, and sense that our crew has a genuine affection for this project. This starts with Michael Campus as a Director who feels great love towards this project, and should filter down through the ranks. Remember: “Every scene is the best scene.”

He wrote a memo explaining how his movie should look. Which is to say: gauzy, full of light, and dark at the corners so it’s more cozy. Like this.


Isn’t that nice? Peter O’Toole’s looking a bit desperate in the movie poster, I think.


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