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Alesk, 2nd Level

Danger, Will Robinson! D&D post! (I know. But I can’t bring myself to clog up the community with boring crap about a character nobody actually plays with. Er, clog it up more than once, anyhow.)

So Alesk is your typical melee cleric — not super-twinked, he doesn’t have a reach weapon, although I know that’d be more efficient and he may have to swap over to that at some point. He hit level 2 and picked up a +1 lightning bastard sword to replace his old mace at the same time. Woo, +3 more to hit than he had a moment ago!

I am giving into the siren call of roleplaying and taking Bless over Cure Light Wounds. I figure since I have Healing Strike, I’m still in the ballpark as far as overall healing throughput goes compared to a laser cleric. I do have 16 Wisdom and a +1 Symbol of Life, so I’m down a point or two of healing from the laser cleric but I have some nice burst capacity.

Since he plays in Living Forgotten Realms, I have another leader in the party as often as not anyhow. Am I nuts for not maxing my healing? Alesk just likes hitting things more…

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