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Fringe Season Finale

If you aren’t watching it, you might want to catch up. The characterization has improved remarkably, and as of the end of the season the plot is equally enjoyable. We’ve taken a heavy turn into the SF. Also, Brad Anderson is producing and directing a bunch of episodes, and he is one creepy director.

Spoilers follow in the form of transcribed newspaper headlines, cause we couldn’t resist freeze framing.

“Obamas Set To Move Into New White House (Michelle has new Interior Designer)”
“Former Pres. Kennedy to Address UN” (And it’s Teddy.)
“Stock Markets Remain Closed (21 Days & Counting)”
“Celtics Sweep! Len Bias Wins MVP” (Sniff.)

One Comment

  1. Hey, B-man — don’t know if you’ll ever even see this, but I just ran across you in the weirdest sort of way, and I wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you, and that I miss arguing with you, although circumstances have certainly widened the political divide between us. That chasm might even be unbridgeable, although truthfully, I doubt it, and I certainly hope not. It pains me some to think of things that way, but…well, here we are.

    Anyways: any time you want to call me on my bullshit, well, feel free; you know where I am, and where I am, you’ll always be welcome. I’m admittedly more strident and extreme than I was, but I don’t really think I’m wrong to be. Your arguments were always intelligent and honest, and challenged me, and made me sharper and more aware than I would’ve been without them. And truth to tell, I surely do miss that.

    Hope this finds you well, buddy.

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