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Eric Raymond on Homosexuality

“That suggests to me that a tendency for male homosexuals to drift into the darker corners of domination sex is still wired in beneath the modern homophilic construction. It might take actual genetic engineering, of a kind we don’t yet have, to fix that wiring.”

He manages to go on for an entire post about how male gay behavior tends towards pederasty and domination, while lesbians are blissfully free of such problems. The evidence boils down to the historical record, which is of course a perfect transcript of human behavior, and “a how-to manual written by homosexual SM practitioners for newbies.” Seriously. The manual said the male homosexual murder rate was 26 times the norm, so that’s where his suggestion above comes from.

A couple of commenters wanted to know more about the source. “Alas, all I remember about the book other than a few prominent facts from it was that it was a skinny paperback with a dead-black cover, printed on cheap grayish paper – looked very undergroundy.”

Well, that’s certainly enough evidence with which to confirm suspicions! It was an underground skinny paperback!

“Why, oh why, can’t somebody invent a memetic equivalent of antibiotics?”

“It’s called SF. But it’s ineffective on victims over 21.”

“Sorry, it’s also ineffective under 21, and it also is known to cause objectivism and other memetic diseases.”

Uh huh.

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