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2. Building the Pyre (MINI 1-3)

I’m running a small local group through the Embers of Dawn mini-campaign; today we did Building the Pyre. Susan, Peter, Mark, Jon, and Noah played. It’s a remarkably fun group of people – there are a lot of fun possible groups in the Baltimore LFR circle and this is definitely one of them.

I knew it’d be a good time given the players; I was not really anticipating a great module. Building the Pyre doesn’t read as well as the other Embers of Dawn modules. The combats are OK, if a little disjointed, but the skill challenges are fairly blah and over-long. I’m firmly of the opinion that interrogation skill challenges should not be more than 4/3 complexity. 8 successes? That’s a long, painful interrogation.

The first skill challenge, however, was better than I thought it would be. I’m not just saying that because the PCs failed it. So that sort of made up for the other two; and the penultimate fight was awesome good times. Noah crit with his daily and I dragged Mark’s avenger into lava twice. Both times he probably would have died if they hadn’t gotten him out before his turn. That’s what I call entertainment for all.

Also this is the module where the plotline starts to weave back on itself, which IMHO is the real strength of the mini-campaign. So that was awesome too. We’re doing Coaxing the Flame in two weeks and I am tremendously stoked.

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