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3. Bravos, Perfumes, and a War God (MYRE 1-1)

This was the first of what’ll probably be a series of MYREs set in the Windrise Ports, which is of course my favorite chunk of the Forgotten Realms. It is perhaps significant that the bit I like the most is the bit that wasn’t there until this edition. Ahem.

Players: Susan, evil Tony, good Tony, Mark, Hudson, and Kirby. First LFR table with Kirby, who trucked up from DC to Legends for the game. This was also the first time one of my game days has been oversubscribed, so that was a minorly tragic moment. Tom sat out.

It went well and I’m happy with my format for my notes. I’m using minimal encounter notes, a page or two for outlining the adventure, an NPC list with some traits for each NPC, and a big list of names for ad libbing. I write out a few paragraphs for the skill challenges so I know where I want to go with them.

I wove in the Peerless Champions, although Myrelas was off on a secret mission, and I tossed in the Burning Incense as a throwaway line. The players appeared to approve. I feel awesome about my structure for skill challenges, which is basically “here’s the complexity and difficulty, ask players for rolls as appropriate.” I established a few villains and a patron for the next adventure. Feeling good.

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