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12. The Paladins’ Plague (ADCP 2-1)

Our DM: John. My fellow players: Charles, Dallas, Dan, and Susan. This is a different Dallas than the one we played Darkness Falls Over Moray with. We almost had that Dallas at our table as well, but he got poached to fill out another table. Alas.

Battle interactives are cool. This one came off extremely well; nothing like 25 tables of LFR players cheering, debating, and more or less winning by the skin of our teeth. Reed got to do his thing in a big way in a few encounters – he’s still remarkably mobile and that’s still a completely awesome trait. Plus I scored three crits in one fight, one of which helped me kill a big tentacle all by my lonesome in one turn. (John: wait, you do another 2d6+16 damage?)

Reed and Faral now have a public works project named after them in a certain city. We’re thinking an obelisk (the Reed Softfingers Gilded Obelisk) with a limpid fountain around it (the Faral Pool of Song and Desire). The obelisk probably lights up at night or something. Tastefully.

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