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33. Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries (QUES 1-1)

The Regulator Con recap begins here, and will go on for quite some time. Me, Susan, and the Bradleys trucked on up to Gettysburg bright and early Friday morning so as to get there in time for the 9 AM morning slot, in which I ran Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries. My players were the Bradleys, Hudson, Matt M., and John M. Little did I suspect how much I’d see of John that Friday… but I risk getting ahead of myself.

It’s both a completely awesome adventure and a somewhat frustrating adventure. Awesome: tons of room for roleplay, and lots of stuff you’d never find in a normal LFR adventure. It’s also highly flexible; the players can do almost anything they want. If you play this, you should expect to figure out how to infiltrate and destabilize a Zhentarim fortress all on your own.

Frustrating: I really wanted more than one slot for this. I kind of boned the second combat because I was rushed. There are a lot of NPCs, and it takes a while to really give them all voices. Also, for a keystone adventure for a plotline that’s been extending throughout the heroic tier, one might like something more conclusive. Another hint to players: schedule CORE 2-1 for play after you’ve done this. You’ll be glad.

The awesome outweighed the frustrating by a ton, especially since I had great players. Final verdict: great start to the con.

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