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45. The Sea Drake (MOON 1-2)

Did I run The Sea Drake last night online? Yes I did! Chalk up another new module for me; I’d never played or run it before. My players were Xalcairn, Domingo, Dareus, Genolen, Tracker, and Zeitgeist. Good crowd, balanced party, fun times.

I really dug the combats. Which is a good thing, since this is one of those modules with no skill challenges. I think the second roleplaying encounter in the beginning was a bit much; the author wanted to get some Moonshae Isles feel in there, but it’s kind of NPCs talking to NPCs blah blah. I maybe could have GMed it better face to face, not sure.

But yeah, the combats are quite good. Challenging without being grinds. I do not count the optional fourth combat there, which is just a thing to pad time, I guess. It’s a challenging fight in theory, but since the PCs can take an extended rest before that combat, the challenge pretty much vanishes in a cloud of dailies.

The rest of the fights were good enough so that I came within a nose of a TPK. Genolen’s warforged warlock (so cool) delayed one monster’s arrival by a round, and given that one extra hit from that monster would have killed the warlord, I think it’s fair to say that was a vital contribution. Said warlord also made the death save that would have killed him if he’d missed. Then he got back up, healed up everyone else who’d fallen over, and they won the fight… but man, it was close. I love those.

Storyline, eh, it’s a trading voyage. I think, again, in the face to face context you could make something really cool out of it. It needs some GM effort to do so, but I never mind that.

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