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58. Elder Wisdom (TYMA 1-1)

I wanted to get in another H1 adventure with Cine before embarking on Scepter Tower of Spellgard, just to get him to level 2 and make him a bit more likely to survive and so on. I missed my first attempt at an online game, but managed to make Darksydex’s Elder Wisdom run on 6/2. Kazordan, Trident, Logopolis, EWInsight, and GC1CEO were my fellow players.

I would have to characterize it as a perfectly acceptable early H1 LFR adventure. It’s a bit disjointed without a ton of storyline, but there are a surprising number of hooks for the RP-inclined player. They just don’t necessarily have a ton to do with each other. It sort of makes sense given that the setup is all about scouting some ruins. 

It was fun playing Cine. I’m definitely getting a handle on his personality. He panics in combat, which is awfully fun to play.

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