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67. Pain (CORM 2-2)

Yay, Pain! By which I mean yay, the second part of the Pain and Suffering major quest! Getting this in for Reed and Faral before Gencon and hitting P2 was a big deal for us, so I’m glad it was offered at Dexcon. This was our Friday afternoon game – we drove up Friday morning, checked in, and hit the gaming room.

There was more than a little confusion in the LFR area, since everyone had signed up with Warhorn but the signups weren’t carried over to Dexcon’s registration system. All we had was blank signup sheets, and everyone had to reselect their games. This kind of pissed me off, and I was pretty worried about getting bumped. It worked out OK in the end but left a bad taste in my mouth.

Since things got shuffled, and since I screwed up my notes, I’m pretty vague on who I played with. Alas, it’s the first gap in this record. Edward K. ran for us; he’d wanted to play in Stir Not The World’s Doom, but a lot of people who weren’t eligible signed up for that one and it didn’t happen as a result. Players, um… me, Susan, Orren, and two other people with the same first name. Rob? Maybe.

All the bitching aside, this is a great module. It’s a good investigation with lots of flexibility. There’s a twist that keeps it fresh even if you’ve played it before; I expect it was a lot of work to write but the end result is awesome. In the hands of an unprepared GM, it can be a disaster. Edward was really, really good even though he was unprepared. I had an excellent time.

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