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79. Tyranny’s Bleak Depths (SPEC 2-2 P1)

Gencon begins! We played Tyranny’s Bleak Depths on Thursday evening, 8/5; I won’t be backdating entries any more, unless I get way far behind again. We’re always a bit nervous about playing specials at cons, because they’re intended to be super-tough and you never know what your group is going to be like. Much to my pleasure, the minotaur adventuring company we met at DDXP was searching around for a leader and another striker, and Reed and Faral fill those roles nicely.

They were a little edgy themselves about taking on unknowns, but we talked ‘em into it and I modestly think we met their expectations. Bards don’t heal like clerics, but they give out a lot of temps, plus a lot of helpful conditions. Meanwhile, Reed’s damage is solid. One of their guys, Michael, was playing a ranger, which is about the perfect combo: I softened things up and he did pinpoint damage and monsters dropped.

Lee, Michelle, and John were the other players at the table. Trent was the GM. I might politely suggest that he embrace the power of a well-played table of paragon characters; sometimes it’s just hard to provide a challenge, but that’s not the GM’s fault! In retrospect we could have gone for glory tier. No way to know that the group would play that well together at the start, though.

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