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95. Quasit’s Just Reward (MYRE 1-1)

Woo-hoo, more Nixie Queen! Peter ran; Susan, David D., Stacey, Justin K., and Nick S. played. Oh, and me, of course. Kevin rides again! Despite being level 3 and finally getting to use his treasured Vicious +2 Talenta Sharrash, he did not crit all night. So sad! But he made good use of his daily to finish off a very nasty quasit, and he set up the daily with Roar of Triumph, and I action pointed specifically so I could trigger Roar of Triumph with the quasit in mind. So I feel good about that.

Sometimes I think too much while I’m playing, yeah.

Cool stuff: Peter is running this big old four level dungeon as a living My Realms dealy-bopper. There are potentially multiple parties in the dungeon. Each of the first three levels has a touchstone; you can use the touchstone to teleport further as necessary. We poked a little bit into the second level, did not find the touchstone there, but will look more next time. Bits of the dungeon that get cleared out are clear for the next party who comes along, unless there’s been restocking, which will also happen sometimes. This is why the teleport is important.

Also cool: getting to play with Susan, which actually hasn’t happened in way too long. Like, all month. So that was awesome.

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