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97. How To Hunt A Demon (IMPI 1-5)

I needed to run something to get my slot score down a bit, and I always like running for Matt, so I asked him if he wanted an H2 and he said how about How To Hunt A Demon? Easy for me to run since I’d run it once before, so I said sure and that was that. I ran it on 10/7, with Matt, logopolis, Oskar581, Kazordan, Zalarian, and Gadunge.

We did not come close to a TPK this time. Good wizards, as always, make all the difference. Also, the third fight is easier if the PCs can maintain range – I think my earlier party had trouble because they engaged the enemy in the middle of the field. This meant the bad guys spent less time charging and got to do stuff other than basic melee attacks. On the other hand, I got to get off most of my sneaky gnoll tricks, which is always fun.

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