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101. Arts (DALE 1-7)

Aw yeah, Arts. Who doesn’t like Arts? I ran this for jffdougan. It looked like we weren’t gonna have enough players, but then another game fell through so we wound up with him, AussieScum, ceneakor, Tsriel, AequitasXXIII, and Mike Lemmer. Fun group.

They really zoomed through the initial investigation. They found a clue I’ve never seen a group find before, probably because people tend to focus on the social stuff. Sadly, this means they missed out on the teaching. Then they hit the combats, which were appropriately brutal. They almost but not quite died on the final fight, which pleases me greatly, although in retrospect I should have taken it as a bad omen. For reasons which will become clear in the next few entries.

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