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113. Enemy of My Enemy (CORE 2-8)

I ran Enemy of My Enemy online last night for Matt, Oskar, Dareus, DanMathMan, Genolen, and Joey. I was pretty interested in seeing how the module held up under the assault of Matt’s wizard. Answer: pretty well, given that I spent some time thinking about tactics beforehand.

I dropped Matt once thanks to a lucky critical, and came very close to dropping him again towards the end of the second fight. If I’d thought a bit harder and pushed him into the Stinking Cloud rather than the Wall of Ice, I suspect he’d have gone down. I also had Genolen’s cleric nearly dead, and all in all things went quite well. The module is challenging but not overwhelming for optimized characters.

Minor rant: someone who will go unnamed was all “I want to cast a ritual to let us take an extended rest in ten minutes.” I was pretty sure that was a bad idea given that there was a big fight going on and time was limited, but just to make sure, I pushed a bit and found out what the ritual was. Turns out he wanted to cast Solace Bole, which is a great ritual, but there are two flaws with his plan.

First, it takes ten minutes to cast, but you’re pulled out of the world for an hour. They’d have failed the module doing that. Second, it’s from a Dungeon Magazine article, which means it’s not player-legal in LFR anyhow. So, um, cut that out, nameless dude.

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