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Month: October 2011

Classic SF eBooks

This is ridiculously awesome. Gollancz decided to bring a lot of classic SF/F back into print as ebooks. More of this stuff should be out of copyright by now, it’s all DRMed, and two-thirds of it can’t be bought in the United States, but despite all that I’m really happy. Cordwainer Smith, Pat Cadigan, Kuttner and Moore — lots of books that should be available, and now sort of are. It’s cultural history that matters to my tribe. There are books I’m keeping in physical form just because who knows when someone will digitize all the old Gardner Fox? But efforts like this one make me hopeful.

GILT: Austin

A bunch of random games I’d like to run that could be campaigns of whatever length, in no particular order.

  1. Bookhounds of London, in Arabesque style. This itches my GUMSHOE urges. Fortunately Night’s Black Agents won’t be out for a while so there’s little competition for that chunk of my brain.
  2. Ashen Stars is also tempting, but a bit less so. I’d probably rather play this than run it. A bit of space opera would be fun.
  3. Some kind of superheroes maybe. Also more something I’d like to play. Icons, DC Adventures, not Champions probably. I keep wanting to do an emergent superhero world.
  4. Barbarians of Lemuria for sword and sorcery. Simple system, looks fun. I don’t even have a world in mind — I think you could probably just ad lib one.
  5. Day After Ragnarok, speaking of sword and sorcery. It’d also be nice to give Savage Worlds a good workout.
  6. That old Warren Zevon Buffy game I always wanted to run but never did.
  7. Nostalgiapire, now that I have Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. I can’t imagine that it’d take more than four or five sessions to get the nostalgia out.
  8. The further adventures of The Black Library, my Dark Heresy conceit in which the Inquisitor is the guy who holds onto all the dangerous books. Which is to say most books. In this story arc, he is trying to retake his library from the dangerous Chaos servants who were his last set of agents.
  9. My fairly politicized not yet written up D&D 4e setting. Sort of Eberron in flavor, but with universities as another power axis and not so much of the magitech goop.
  10. Smallville, probably without the DC Universe trappings. I just wanna try the relationship maps.

If I think of anything else I’ll add it. I’m sure there’s something I want to use Reign for.