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Emoticon (MHRP)

As one does, I wrote up my old superhero PC Emoticon in the hot new superhero RPG. This time, it’s Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. MHRP character writeups are tied to specific versions of the characters, both in powers and in XP Milestones, so I decided to do this writeup as the youthful, optimistic Emoticon. In actual play he went all the way through the Weight of Responsibility Milestone, but I don’t think he ever finished up the True Teen Love Milestone.

I’m not sure how I’d add the martial arts he picked up later — actually, he had a bit of it early on, too. But that’d be a third Power Set, which is a bit more spread out than typical MHRP characters. You could drop it into the Projective Empathy Power Set, but the Limit doesn’t make sense.

There are a couple of small tricks in the original Champions UN PEACE gear package that I skipped. Flash Defense never came up, so you could represent it with a stunt, and the radio headsets are most easily handwaved.

Oh, and I added a Social Specialty, because it’s missing and there clearly ought to be one. Cite: Johnny Storm, socialite extraordinaire, with no particular business acumen at all. Emma Frost might also fit in that category.


Solo: d6
Buddy: d8
Team: d10


Patriotic Frenchman
Devout Catholic
Teenage Enthusiasm

Power Sets

Projective Empathy
Emotion Control: d8
Psychic Resistance: d6

SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Unoffensive. Spend a PP to add the Emotion Control die to your pool when making a reaction roll.

Limit: Don’t Look Now. Shutdown all Projective Empathy powers for a single target. Recover powers by activating an opportunity or at the end of the Action Scene.

Jet Pack: d6
Padded Armor: d6

Limit: Gear. Shutdown UN PEACE Gear and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. Doom Pool to recover.


Menace Expert (d8)
Psych Expert (d8)
Social Master (d10)


True Teen Love
1 XP: Profess your love for another superhero or supervillain
3 XP: Reject the superhero or embrace the supervillain, either way for a noble reason
10 XP: Tell the world about your broken heart

Weight of Responsibility
1 XP: Learn someone else’s secret
3 XP: Keep a secret only because it would damage the world to reveal it
10 XP: Take immoral actions in order to protect a secret

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