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So here I am back in the SF Bay Area. What goes around, etc. In related news, I’m employed again, so that’s good. The first week on the job was good; I am looking forward to making the second week even better.

We found a house up in Redwood City, which gives me a half an hour commute to Palo Alto for work and puts us in reasonable range of the city. It’s also pretty convenient to 280, which makes Santa Cruz and San Jose very feasible. I like the location — hadn’t ever lived up there before but I think we’ll enjoy it. Fingers crossed.

Hobee’s is still Hobee’s. Fry’s is still Fry’s. There are good farmers markets which I wasn’t smart enough to take advantage of the last time I lived here. Kepler’s has gone way downhill, which is sad.

Housewarming party to come as soon as we get settled.

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