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CopyrightX, Part 2

Awesome first six weeks! At which point we had a major reorg at work and I went from doing architectural work and consulting to managing an awesome team of 20 people. No regrets, but it does mean I can’t work from home as effectively, particularly for the first couple of months as I get familiar with the team and vice versa. Thus, no more Friday AM sessions and I’ve had to drop out of the course.

On the other hand, I’m definitely finishing up the lectures, cause they’re awesome.

In general I think the course and the teaching methodology is good. The sessions are law school style as I understand it: lots of case studies and discussion on the finer points of philosophy and the law. The lectures are all on YouTube. This seems smart. Discussion could be a little fragmented since we had both voice and textual chat running in parallel. In my experience, text chat can drown out the voice in those cases: you’ve got 20 people typing and one person talking.

I’m also way interested in the idea of using the MOOC as an adjunct to a traditional course. Our section leader was I believe a student in the professor’s traditional course, running concurrently? That’s gotta be a great learning boost.

Anyway, bummed to be one of the percentage who dropped, but glad to have had the experience.

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