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Movie Reviews: 1/12/2015 to 1/18/2015

Movies reviewed this week: Woman on the Run, Born to Be Bad, Suspicion, The Bigamist, and Shockproof.

1/16/2015: Woman on the Run (1950): ***1/2

Unexceptional noir, great surreal ending location at a seaside amusement park.

1/16/2015: Born to Be Bad (1950): ****

Tasty high society melodrama.

1/17/2015: Suspicion (1941): ****

Evil Cary Grant is awesome Cary Grant.

1/17/2015: The Bigamist (1953): ***1/2

Surprisingly sympathetic story about a guy who selfishly screws up several lives.

1/18/2015: Shockproof (1949): ***

Fairly mundane noir melodrama.

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