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Movie Reviews: 2/19/2018 to 2/25/2018

Movies reviewed this week: I Walk Alone, Bodyguard, and The Accused.

2/20/2018: I Walk Alone (1947): ***1/2

Competent crime drama starring Kirk Douglas’ cleft chin and an accountant who found heroism too late. Also Burt Lancaster. Interesting to see movies starting to depict crime as a business rather than a collection of outlaws; the changing times are an explicit theme here.

2/20/2018: Bodyguard (1948): ***1/2

B movie with Lawrence Tierney being angry and violent all the way through.

2/21/2018: The Accused (1949): ****

Tense melodrama centered on, for a change, a female protagonist (Loretta Young). Wendell Corey stands out in the supporting cast.

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