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Movie Reviews: 9/28/2020 to 10/4/2020

Movies reviewed this week: The Killers and The Hills Have Eyes.

10/3/2020: The Killers (1964): ***

The bits with Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager were the best part; nothing wrong with Cassevetes but he wasn’t as gonzo as the hitmen were. On the whole I preferred Burt Lancaster but this is worth seeking out.

10/4/2020: The Hills Have Eyes (1977): ****

Thanks, Criterion Channel! Grimy as hell, sun drenched in a terrifying way, and one of those practical effects probably had a really grim backstory. The grandfather’s casual racism stands out early (I went back, and yep, he used that word) — I wonder if Craven meant that to be yet another reason why the family was dislikable? It sure worked if so, and goes nicely with the blind assumption that a little prayer solves all woes.

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