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Movie Reviews: 4/12/2021 to 4/18/2021

Movies reviewed this week: Waikiki, Together Together, and Eyimofe (This Is My Desire).

4/12/2021: Waikiki (2020): ***1/2

I think maybe the power of this movie lies in the fact that it’s not allegorical? Our childhood trauma is part of us; intercutting the narrative with the pain isn’t an allegory, it’s just a truth we can’t usually see. The past informs the present. Chris Kahunahana is just making that more palpable.

4/13/2021: Together Together (2021): ****

Easily the most wholesome movie I’ve seen in ages, which may say more about me than anything else. Sweet, touching, uses all the rom-com tropes in the service of a platonic friendship. Sort of the remedy to When Harry Met Sally.

Bonus points for ripping Woody Allen a new one.

4/17/2021: Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) (2020): ****

Sharply human, and humane. The particulars are rooted in Lagos but that’s a pair of universal stories.

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