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Movie Reviews: 9/27/2021 to 10/3/2021

Movies reviewed this week: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, The Found Footage Phenomenon, Baby Assassins, Eyes of Fire, The Marco Effect, Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest, and King Car.

10/1/2021: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020): ****1/2

Believe the hype. Very clever concept, perfectly executed one-cut technical fireworks, funny as hell, and a heartfelt story. First movie during the pandemic I’m glad I saw at home, cause I needed to jump back a few times to get the details.

10/2/2021: The Found Footage Phenomenon (2021): ***

Solid documentary. It delves into the history of found footage movies, the technical challenges, the question of whether or not a big budget movie can be “really” found footage, and what lines a found footage Director should draw.

I might have enjoyed more examination and comparison of techniques, but I found it interesting nevertheless.

10/2/2021: Baby Assassins (2021): ***1/2

Vibrant! Also really excellent fight scenes. The Internet tells me that Kensuke Sonomura was the fight choreographer so I’ll keep an eye out for him as well as director Hugo Sakamoto.

10/2/2021: Eyes of Fire (1983): **1/2


Atmospheric but kinda lost momentum once things got overtly supernatural. Overuse of negative effects didn’t help. The resolution was elegant, and I’d like to think of it as commentary on colonial appropriation of land, but I suspect I’m probably stretching there.


10/2/2021: The Marco Effect (2021): ***

“I’d like an order of crusty Nordic cop who crosses the line because he cares too much about justice, and because he’s haunted by his past failures. And can you give me a side order of taciturn sidekick who can sometimes (but only sometimes) save him from himself, please?”

“Would you like a conspiracy of silence among the powerful and respected with that?”

“Oh yes.”

10/3/2021: Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest (2021): ****

Surpasses King of Kong by being about more than competitive video gaming: friendship, suicide, legacies, autism, society.

10/3/2021: King Car (2021): **1/2

Well enough executed but overly on the nose and lacking in depth.

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