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Movie Reviews: 4/4/2022 to 4/10/2022

Movies reviewed this week: Donkey Skin and Watermelon Man.

4/4/2022: Donkey Skin (1970): **1/2

Gorgeous and vibrant, and truer to the original fairy tale feel than most, but lacking in any strong sense of tension. Delightful for what it was, though.

4/7/2022: Watermelon Man (1970): ****

Holy shit, this is the most scathing movie I’ve seen in a long time. Really crisp comedy for the first act, then angry, then just justifiably brutal. The signs of Van Peebles’ experience in France are all through this; he takes the rhythms of the American sitcom and shatters them with choppy camera cuts and freeze frames, satirical musical cues, and in one memorable scene a reversion to silent film dialogue cards.

Godfrey Cambridge is also very good.

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