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Movie Reviews: 7/18/2022 to 7/24/2022

Movies reviewed this week: No Time to Die and Round Midnight.

7/19/2022: No Time to Die (2021): ****

There’s plenty to criticize here: extraneous characters, probably 30 minutes more of the movie than was needed, and so on. But Seydoux and particularly Craig carry the emotional arc from the tender opening all the way through to that ending, and it’s quite the accomplishment. I also had to add half a star for Ana de Armas, who charms.

7/23/2022: Round Midnight (1986): ****

Lovely quiet mood piece, made of emotions and moments and of course music rather than plot. There’s a lot stuffed into this two hours: the nature of jazz, the feeling of being a great musician in an under-appreciated genre, the feeling of being an expatriate, and the challenges of family. There’s also a lot of beautiful acting. I didn’t feel like it needed a storyline.

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