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The Big Move

No, bigger than that. We’re moving to Dublin!

Long story short, my illustrious employer needs someone with my skill set in the Dublin office, and both S. and I think living in Dublin sounds like an interesting adventure, so we’re doing it. Estimated move date is sometime in September, pending the excitement of getting a visa (in process) and all the other logistics details. The plan is to keep us there for three years, after which we’ll return to the Seattle area and carry on with our lives.

Even though we’re getting a good relocation package, it’s daunting. We may not need to find our own place to live eventually; we still need to talk to tax consultants on both sides of the ocean, and get paperwork done, and figure out what we’re going to move.

That last is a whole thing of a thing. We can ship stuff, but it’ll take months to get there by boat. We can take a few bags on the plane. We can maybe move a few things by air, like maybe one of the televisions? I am in the middle of the somewhat difficult task of figuring out which tabletop games I want to bring. There’s gonna be a lot of stuff going into storage for a few years.

Such an adventure, though. I have a spreadsheet of cities which are direct flights from Dublin. Rome is three hours away. This is going to be ridiculous.

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