Dear Brother #8

A special two-session Dear Brother, in which our heros undergo torture and brainwashing. Not for the faint of heart.

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Dear Brother: GM Notes

I’m reminded that the old GM notes for the Unknown USA campaign chronicled in the Dear Brother letters are — you guessed it — on the web.

Dear Brother #7

Dear Brother #7: In which our heros go back to Washington and parley with unsavory characters.

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Dear Brother #6

Dear Brother #6 is written to Alan Greenspan, because Reese’s brother made an appearance in the episode.

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Dear Brother #5

In Dear Brother #5, Mister Beulay goes to Washington. Not an epic session, but after raising Huey Long it’s nice to take a break.

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Dear Brother #4

In installment four, our heros speak with the Kingfish. See? I said there were politics in it.

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Dear Brother #3

In the third Dear Brother letter, Reese gets a tattoo and we meet Danny and Angie. Those who read my blog for the politics are starting to get confused. But it’s really a very political game!

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Dear Brother #2

In the second installment of the Dear Brother letters, Reese and the gang fight a crocodile. At least, if you define “fight” as “feed a helpless old man to.”

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Dear Brother #1

The Dear Brother letters are my in character record of the terrifyingly cool Unknown Armies game run by the mysterious Canadian Rob. I’ve been writing ‘em for a while but never thought to put them on the Web until now. Thus, six in quick succession. Sorry ‘bout that.

In this entry, Reese and the gang fight Mickey Mouse.

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