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Young and wealthy

What’s it like, being young and suddenly rich? Hard to imagine, for me at least, particularly if you were poor before. The seminar discussed in that article probably comes four years too late, though; you want to catch the rookies before they hit college, because that’s where the special privileges start.

The techniques the NFL uses to guide these kids are nothing special. Not that different from what you read about in “scared straight” programs. They even bring in a former player and current felon to talk about the hell of prison. What’s interesting to me is the reaction of the rookies. That’s where the sociology is.

Oh, and the advice on women. It reads as abominably sexist, but do I think the NFL is deliberately allowing sexist rhetoric in their training sessions? Or do I think that these guys do get targetted by predatory women?

Turn it around. Do you think rich women get targetted by predatory men?

Weird little view into a very weird little world.

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