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  1. kit kit

    That’s so cool. O.O

  2. Teresa Nielsen Hayden Teresa Nielsen Hayden

    Good scenario.

    When you say “the implications are obvious”, do you mean that superheroic young ladies who belong to the cult that wants the Creator to have descendants are going to try to seduce him? If so, what happens to any offspring, if half their heredity vanishes when Kenny dies?

    We know there are comics in this universe, and that they’re in a feedback loop with Kenny’s imagination. I take it, then, that the comics industry has become a focus of hundreds of metahuman plots and agendas?

    And what happens if there’s a successful retcon and Kenny re-imagines you —

    — whoops, never mind. I think I see where Supreme comes into this.

    This is fun.


  3. Bryant Bryant

    Why, thank you!

    My original conception was that once Kenny dreamed someone up, s/he had independent existence, so could have children and so on. One nice consequence of this, as I contemplate it, is that from time to time he’ll imagine something different and you’ll get a second version of you. (This being, yeah, the Supreme inspiration — specifically, you’ll recall the city full of various Supremes.)

    I hadn’t considered the idea that you’d get some parahumans wanting to have Kenny’s children, but of course you would. I was thinking, more, that you’d have paranormals attempting to make sure Kenny got the right sort of influences. “Let’s get him a subscription to Reader’s Digest, and let’s intercept the subscription to Playboy from here on in.” Or more direct methods.

    You’re absolutely right about the comic book industry being a hotbed of plotting. I love that. If I were writing something in this world, I think I’d want to do it from the point of view of a harried comic book editor.

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