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Land of ice and snow

It was snowing this morning. Not sticking, except on the top of my car, but distinct white flakes coming down. As I’d half expected, my brain didn’t quite register the white stuff at first. It looked like rain but it was acting funny. It’s been a good ten years since I’ve seen snow, you see; a legitimate ten years. It doesn’t snow in San Francisco, it didn’t happen to snow in England when I was there in January a couple of years back, and I just didn’t happen to travel anywhere else at an appropriate time to see the stuff.

I can report with certainty that snow is wet. My hair is all full of little snow crystals. I am, as you may suspect, charmed to pieces about all this. I might not feel as good when my car fails to start and rusts out and all that, though.

Still. Snow. How cool.

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