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At it again

There are more reports that Bush has sanctioned assassinations. Except they’re not assassinations, because the targets are enemy combatants and thus legitimate targets for lethal force. Well, OK, but I really don’t want to see any complaints about atrocities if Colin Powell or Bush gets assassinated by Al Qaeda. If it’s OK to target leaders on the other side of a war, and we’re in a war, then it’s gotta be OK for both sides.

Saddam’s still not off the hook for his attempt to assassinate Bush Senior, though, since Bush wasn’t an enemy commander at that time. Even from Iraq’s perspective.

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  1. dude i need to write a paper on government sanctioned assasssinations and im pro for it, but i need to have some back up and some historical facts on why it should be legal for us. please email me some info of some sort

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